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Some more Tenshi pic GEMS by lovely tumblr user pepchicken


You also like Idate, too. YOU HAVE GOOD TASTES, KID.

this world needs MORE tenshi hinanawi

frommetrunui replied to your post: Someone buy me a new Xbox 360 controll…

Oh yeah that sucks, I have the same problem.

Huh. What a strange coincidence! (Damned you Microsoft and your crud wired controllers)

Someone buy me a new Xbox 360 controller

the tip of the cord connected to the controller SEEMS TO HAVE MESSED

it’s that silly situation where you have to have it moved properly to have it work. which is better than not at all, but still cruddy? Who knows how long it will be until i can buy a new one

it makes me wonder if i can get my ps3 controller to work on my laptop

Bumping up the Time Limit in my 1 v 2 computers in Gundam Extreme Versus Full Boost from 210 seconds to infinity was a good idea.

Since I shouldn’t have to force myself to rush down my enemies to beat them within the time limit

since going up against two computers is more of a practice of dealing with two opponents and to hit and run properly to give my teammate time to arrive (if it was a real match, per say)

Exia is so fun to use for this exercise because I can stun my oppoents if I’m smart, and buy myself around 3-4 seconds to 1v1 the other guy. Which is FAB. Or at least use my assist and shot cancel out of the way maybe? Exia is just to fun to use.

I need to properly test it on fav suits later. Like PROPERLY play back and dun rush them. Since that’ll just get you shot in the back by their teammate and lead to MAAAAD DAMAGE

maybe i should just use THE EXIA 5EVER

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